My pdoc upped my Effexor ER from 150mg once a day to 225mg once a day. I also take 300mg Wellbutrin XL at the same time in the morning. Today was my first day of the higher Effexor dose and my hands were shaking so badly I had to take 0.5 klonopin and 900mg Gabapentin. I feel better now and quite cheerful but I am freaking out that 225mg might be too high of a dose especially since I am taking it with Wellbutrin. I wonder what that combo is doing to my nervous system. I realize it will take weeks to see if it works... we have to find a solution to help me out of this major depressive episode so if I have to follow this protocol. Anyone have experience with this? Anyone on both these meds? Please let me know how it is working for you. I have bipolar 2 but also major depressive episodes. I take lithium and seroquel at night for that. Thank you!!!