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When is a bump on the skull due to a fall serious?

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Inactive 25 Jan 2013

Hello speedo16. I would seek a medical opinion. Possibilty of the side effects of a fall, (such as concussion) internal bleeding of the brain. Regards pledge

kaismama 25 Jan 2013

If it knocked you out, if you are dizzy sleepy nauseated or confused, you need to see a dr.

DzooBaby 25 Jan 2013

I agree with Kaismama. If a fall/bump on the head knocked you unconscious or if you feel dizzy, sleepy or confused after a bump on the head, you should seek medical evaluation. It is good to take note of the pupils after a bump to the head. If the pupils look larger or smaller than they should for the lighting situation (you can compare to other peoples pupils in the room and same lighting) or if the persons pupils are not equal in size (one is bigger than the other) then a visit to the ER is in order. If a person feels drowsy right after a hard fall and/or bump to the head, do NOT let them fall asleep-keep them awake. free discount card

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