I am 18, female, no health issues. Currently have mononucleosis but making significant recovery.
I was looking in the mirror the other day and noticed my collarbone looked funny. I know what my collarbones look like and I looked at pictures of mine before to see the difference and this has never happened before. I have a bump ON the bone that feels like part of the bone. Totally painless, no swelling, just feels like the bone broke or something. But if it broke would I feel pain? I've been in bed for the last 6 weeks for being sick so I haven't done anything to break it.
I am a bit of a hypochondriac so I'm kind of going to the worst case scenario in my head. Is it cancerous? I've been to the doctor's a million times over this sickness and have had 2 rounds of bloodwork and all they can find is mononucleosis and my liver enzymes are up, but again that is part of the mono.

What is this bump on my collarbone?