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Can anyone tell me the ingredients in the bullet of spice?

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karmalee 11 Jan 2012

hi ddog 12 i was wondering if your talking about the aromatherapy spice?

Inactive 11 Jan 2012

Hi ddog,
Pattishan61 may be able to tell you more about Spice.
If you are still in Michigan, tis outlawed there (I read your profile and cannot recall if you are in Fla or MI.)
Hang in there and you will get your answer my friend.
Best wishes
sweet lemon

Inactive 11 Jan 2012

Hi again ddog,
I just googled Spice and it would seem (and who knows if this is propaganda?) that using spice can precipitate psychosis, even PROLONGED psychosis. I could not find the active ingredients in spice, aside from incense.

I wouldn't use this if a gun were held to me noggin!! But, that's just me ddog!

Someone else will come along and probably blow my info outta the water!!

Your friend,
Lara (sweet lemon)

ddog12 12 Jan 2012

Well thank you for your in put sweet lemon. I was just wondering how bad it was on the brain cells. However I know it can't be good for your brain in the long run. Thank's again

Inactive 12 Jan 2012

That stuff I suspect can be deadly, and as you said cannot be good for one's brain, I mean psychosis, NO thanks!!
Have a good one

Inactive 12 Jan 2012

Hey guys i actually found a page for the synthetic on under either kush, or synthetic marijuana and it was informative, list different brands and ingredients. damiano is one of the herbs they use. What seems to have happened, is that they started spraying the herbs with more herbs, so, you would probably need to list the specific brand in a google post to see if the brand has a webpage or anyone posted specific ingredients. I don't have time right now to try and look it up again, but look for kush and synthetic marijuana or cannabinoids in wiki. I think the real stuff is likely better for you,but that is a NON professional opinion. Anyway, the wikipedia page on it is pretty informative and yes, i have tried it. It seems that when they decided to make it more potent, it really has caused some problems. My vote is use the real stuff, but if you fear a drug test will catch you on the real stuff, you can use the spice, but it seems to vary from pack to pack on strength. Hope this helps, patti

Inactive 12 Jan 2012

I agree, may as well use the real stuff. free discount card

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