One infertility doctor suspected adenomyosis after a physical exam (all tests including TVS, Hysteroscopy, and Pelvic USG reports normal except a bulky uterus) because i have a bulky uterus and gave me a shot of Luprorin-depot-375 yesterday to prepare for donor egg embryo transfer ivf in May, 2018. I also took my last dose of Ovagen 100mg (will this counteract with Luprorin) yesterday that was prescribed by a previous doctor. I want to try to get pregnant naturally too until the time for the actual ivf. Is it too late now to try naturally? Was my doc correct in diagnosing adenomyosis? What are my chances of getting pregnant and sustaining it after IVF?
Prior to this, I have a teenager and a 5 year old. I had 3 subsequent miscarriages after my 5 year old son. I am 42yo.