i have guardian that won't let me see doctor for my skin,and I'm infected. one,two,three, types bugs or more. all different systems.white ones under skin on head, have no hair at this point, can't sleep. head raw from scratching.next under skin black things worst of all near or in blood stream, laying eggs multiplying. the more i dig the more they multiple.the get bigger & bigger once under skin, think they got me trimming trees. enter like daggers,long and black, icy& hurt, big time hurt. they won't stop hurting till i digg em out. they are multiplying like crazy. I'm going crazy! can't sleep, can't concentrate, think, just going out of my mind. i went to have my head examined , because i was sent. yes they told me at first glance i defiantly had bugs. they kept me two weeks & released me from that ward. please help or i will be crazy.they have all my money, & appointed by court.