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Why do I have brown spottings days after I took a plan b pill?

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kaismama 21 Feb 2015

Just side effects of the pill.

monkey124 21 Feb 2015

if i had sex on the 15 & i was supose to get my period on the 14 & took a pan b pill & its been 5 days with out getting my period, could i be pregnate ? when should i get my period ?

kaismama 21 Feb 2015

Its side effects of the pill. It almost always makes your period late. After causing spotting or actual bleeding, that isn't your period. I don't know why you girls think that our bodies work by the clock or calender. I can't tell you when you'll get your period. Its up to your body. We are run by hormones, not computers, and we don't have a calender of times.

LousArk 22 Feb 2015

I've used Plan B a few times over the years, & it has always caused irregular bleeding, spotting & usually knocked my period out of sync by a week or two. Your next period will often be heavier than normal.
Basically, you can expect to have your hormones be all over the place for the 2-3 weeks after taking Plan B. You may therefore also feel very low/hormonal and/or have acne breakouts etc.. Everyone is different though. free discount card

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