I hope this is just my paranoia getting the best of me but: I’ve been on birth control for 3 1/2 years (same one) and am 22; the only sexual partner i’ve had has never come inside me,either using condoms or pulling out. I take my birth control the same time each day (give or take a few minutes) and have never missed one.

Last couple months, my period has seemed odd. I had a cyst in feb and my last couple cycles (on my pill, I’m supposed to still get a period every 4 weeks) i’ve gotten a brown discharge for a few days and then light red bleeding (I normally have heavy, painful periods, even on the pill)... my period is due today/tomorrow yet: a) little to no cramps these past few days (which has never happened for me as far as I can remember) b) when I wiped today I had brown discharge.

So, basically: Is this normal? If so, how can this happen out of nowhere if I haven’t changed my birth control habits at all? Should I be worried? :/