My girlfriend and I never actually had sex, but I got pretty close to the vagina ( on the clit actually) and I never ejaculated before touching her clit. She took a plan b out of paranoia just 40 hours later. I know the chances of pregnancy are very low (especially with the Plan B), but her period has been late for 6 days. She tracks it on her phone and it was supposed to start the 28th of November (we had "sex" on the 29th). I understand that late period is normal for women. Well she had some brown discharge today and now our paranoia is even higher. Is there a chance she is pregnant. I read pretty much everywhere that people had anywhere from 1 week to 8 weeks late on their period and brown discharge is a side effect. She isn't peeing a lot ( it's actually normal for her to only pee twice a day and she has only been peeing twice a day), but we are very paranoid at the moment. She has always had a very irregular period. Please help us and tell me she isn't pregnant.