My background is that I'm 46, very happily married for 8 years, have 2 stellar pre-school age children, solid professional career, deeply rooted in my Christian faith, live in the southern United States, and have an overall healthy lifestyle. But 2 years ago I was diagnosed with a small to medium sized prolactinoma. My testosterone level had plummeted to a 35 (yes, thirty-five) at my first consultation, and then further down to a 30 on the day they did the confirming MRI. Despite my doctor asking me "how are you even walking around?" surgery was not deemed an option since the tumor was not impacting vision nor of a large-enough size. My endocrinologist prescribed Bromocriptine (insurance carrier would NOT cover Cabergoline) & weekly testosterone injections. Bromocriptine indeed diminished the size of the tumor and lowered prolactin levels, and testosterone levels went sky high to 811. Recently my insurance carrier began covering Cabergoline, so my doctor has written a script for the same as he favors it over Bromocriptine. These leads me to three questions: (1) Anyone else made this switch, and if so, did you notice any pros/cons in using Cabergoline; (2) The side effects of Bromocriptine are routinely highlighted with the potential of these Big Three: Manic Gambling, Hypersexuality, and Incessant spending/shopping. Anyone experienced any of these three with Cabergoline? I have no desire to gamble, inclusive of buying a lottery ticket. It does note interest me at all. But, as full disclosure, I've found myself to be hyper-sexual (after previously having a none existent lebido due to the high prolactin/low testosterone levels). However my focus is on women from my single days. In all candor, I spend a lot of time fantasizing about prior relationships despite the fact that I'm very happily married for 8 years to the lady of my dreams. Still, since taking Bromocriptine I've conjured up memories of my pre-marriage sex life in my 20s and early 30s. Such thoughts remain an almost daily occureance for me, which is causing me a lot of stress in how to effectively respond to these thoughts without being immoral and risk disrupting my marriage in any way. Do any of you have any such experiences after taking Cabergoline? I cannot discuss this renewed desire for women I was with before I even met my wife, for fear of hurting her feelings. It truly is me, not her. But how to deal with this side effect if it continues once I switch to Cabergoline is of great interest to me. I have discussed this with my doctor but he was rather indifferent and only offered that this is an expected offshoot of the treatment and perhaps we should cut by 50% the dosage. Regarding spending/shopping, I've also noticed that I spend all too freely on Amazon or eBay for parts to restore an old truck. But my wife and I've discussed that and we're jointly watching our bank account to monitor that. (3) Finally anyone heard of any permanent side effects, negative impact to bodily organs by using Cabergoline? Thanks in advance of any feedback.