Yesterday afternoon I was busy cleaning the house, I went to squat down to grab something and when I stood back up I felt and heard a snap on my foot, that long bone below the big toe I guess you call it a metatarsal or something and pain immediately followed (if it helps I was squatting like I was tip-toeing).
I walked to the couch to inspect my foot and that was when it started to swell up.

There aren't any bruises that I could see or any cuts, and walking doesn't really hurt most of the time..
I just wrap my foot up in a bandage and left it on for a few hours, I went to check on it again in the evening to see if the swelling went down but sadly it didn't.. I took the bandage off and a throbbing pain followed.
After a few minutes the pain stopped and it went all tingly, after that followed by a cold feeling (it's like when you laid down on your arm for too long and it gets pins and needles, it was something like that. I don't really know how to explain it)

The pain is bearable, and it comes and goes every 30-45 minutes but the swelling hasn't went down.
When I woke up the next day, I looked at my foot and the swelling went down and my foot looked normal again.. But the moment I put my foot on the floor, it swelled up
Couple of hours into the day, I heard another snap, followed with more pain..
Let's say day 1, if i had to rate the pain from 1-10 it would be a 3
But day 2, it went up to 6

When I walked a few steps I heard a clicking sound coming from my heel.. I thought maybe I stepped on something and that something got stuck to my foot. But when I checked there was nothing, so I tried walking again cause maybe I was just hearing things.. Then the cracking sound was heard again, after that happened the pain in my foot went up to a 7.

I sat down, and that annoying throbbing feeling came back but this time on the 'metatarsal' and on the middle of my foot.

It's been about 4 hours since the cracking sound incident and my foot still hurts and still swollen. I can feel the pain throughout the entire foot, but the 'worst' pain is on the 'metatarsal' area.
Pain hasn't stopped for the past 2 hours, and I've been keeping my foot wrapped up again just to minimise movement from the ankle down and having my foot elevated as we speak

I don't want to head to the ER just yet, I'm just gonna wait it out unless the pain gets really unbearable..