Just started brintellix. On it 6 days. Having nAuseu and some dizziness. First 3 days took it at8am... bad dizziness, some nausea, last 3 days taken mid morning or just before noon, not as much dizziness but still nausea. Does anyone take this at bedtime? Having bad insomnia for 3 months now since doing klonopin taper. MDD with some axiety/rumination. Tried Remeron for 1 week... did not help enough for sleep at15mg , 30 mg and now tapering at7.5mg same and going down again to 3.5mg. Taking 1 mg Ativan at bedtime, with remeron and gapapentin 300 mg( 2 weeks) Sleep only 2-4 hours. Planning to stick with brintellix another week and see if mood/sleep improves. Very sensitive to medications due to problems with metabolizing/methylation.