There are several causes, erythromyalgia, (sorry spelling might not be quite right,) which is burning of the feet (search internet for causes) tarsal tunnel syndrome which can be caused from needing arch supports. however, mine is caused by a pinched nerve in the back at the L4 L5. The pinched nerve tightens all the back muscles and then also makes it effect the nerves in my neck which effects my hands. I had to find the cause myself for my pain in my feet. The doctors didn't figure it out. I had to and I asked for xray and MRI, which confirmed my suspicion. Pain doesn't have to start at the feet and go up, it can start at the back and go down, and you may not feel the pain in the back. Amitriptyline an gabapentin helped me get out of the wheelchair after 2 years and I can now walk. I have asked to see a back surgeon, but my doctor has not hurried with the referral and it will take a year to get in. I constantly ice my back and my feet. Hope this info helps someone. Back pain can be a terrible thing to live with and effects inner organs, bowels and sinuses. Chronic sinus, and burning feeling of the nose can be effected by a pinched nerve in the neck.