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Brilinta, aspirin, coreg, lisinopril can be taken all at the same time in the morning?

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Chyk41 1 Apr 2013

Brilinta has a mild interaction with coreg and that is the major medication for treating CHF. Brilinta also has an interaction with aspirin and an be dangerous even at a low dose. Brilinta is an anti-platelet medication and there are a number of them out there that don't react to your other medication. I would strongly suggest that you talk to your doctors regarding this.

Milagros_bella24 2 Apr 2013

First of all i would like to thank you for your time answering my question. :)) Yes you are right it is the major medication for treating patients with CHF. My mom had an appointment yesterday with her cardiologist and I asked the doctor regarding my concern. the doctor stated that brilinta and coreg should be taken together and it wouldn't be a problem taking the other meds as well. I was told It is very important she take the brilinta for 2 years. and as much as possible never missed and stop these medications.

Fourdoorflier 11 Jun 2014

I am also taking Brilinta, coreg (generic form) and was taking two aspirin (81 mg) a day. Have taken them for a month now. Have experienced shortness of breath, so notified cardiologist. Brilinta website said not to take over 100 mg of aspirin a day. Doc told me to cut back to one 81mg aspirin a day, but to continue Brilinta. Side effects vary, day to day. Yesterday was bad, today ok. Hope side effects disappear over time. free discount card

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