I am getting married in 6 days. I recently started Mononessa, and am on my 3rd pack now. My doctor told me I could skip periods, and actually recommended me doing so since I have extremely painful periods that often leave me stuck in my bed and throwing up all day. However, I do not remember her telling me there was a certain amount of consecutive periods I could not miss. At the time, my wedding was 3 months away and I was scheduled to be on my period on my wedding and the whole week of my honeymoon. I decided I better get the hang of the skipping periods thing just so I could skip for my wedding and honeymoon. So, my goal was to skip 3, and then go back to having them normally. The first two months everything was fine, but yesterday I started noticing a brown discharge and I began cramping. I have enough blue pills to last me until this Friday (my wedding day). I was planning on not taking the sugar pills and going to a new pack, so I would not be on my period on my honeymoon. Should I not do that? I read someone say on here that missing more than 2 consecutively puts you at a risk for bold clots and strokes? Should I start the sugar pills now, to try and be done with my period by wedding time? Would that put me at risk for getting pregnant? I am a virgin so I am completely new to birth control and all of these things, I would appreciate any quick answers I can get! I have tried to call my doctor but they are not open on the weekends. I'm freaking out just a little! :(