I don't have asthma attacks but I have a lot of allergies and for a year have had trouble taking deep breaths at night and even during the day when it is really hot and or smoggy. My previous doctors always just tell me my lungs sound fine and give me more allergy meds.

I happened to go to my new doctor when it was hot and smoggy and when he listened to my lungs, he said "Is that as deep as you can breath," and I said, "yes." Then he had me use a peak flow meter and I only blew a 300 when it should be 400, so he prescribed an inhaler - first Dulera, but insurance didn't cover so he changed it to Breo Ellipta. I was pretty scared after reading all the warnings and that you should have a rescue inhaler handy and a peak flow meter, neither of which I have. I emailed the doctor with my concerns, but he said that since I don't have asthma attacks, I don't need to worry.

So, I'm trying it, but after 8 days don't really see any difference. I have better luck just taking some mucinex. I'm especially concerned about my bones since I already have low bone density but I don't think the doctor will keep me on it for more than a few months. I just don't understand why it was prescribed for me when I don't seem to meet the profile of someone who should take. Also, all the information that comes with the inhaler says only use once per day but doc prescribed it twice per day and it's already the 200/25 dose, so I'm afraid to use twice a day.