... or make my breathing worse? please help I was in a car accident on Dec 1 and had compression fracture had kyphoplasty done I have gone to the ER many times for shortness of breath and the 3-4x the Dr diagnosed me with PTSD? I HAVE shortness of breath almost every day and am going to a therapist for anxiety the drs.put me anxiety meds ,Effexor, propanolol,Ativan took me off put me on Valium all these drugs interfere with my breathing I told them but I really think they don't care when I can't catch my breath I get scared I only ever taken Ativan which I'm back on and a1/2 0f 1mg.so I'm asking will L-Theanine interfere or help with my breathing I have had X-rays ct scans of my lungs and they're all normal.so please help me if you can with some advice thank you.God bless.