I was just wondering what is wrong with my nose, ever since I got kicked in the face playing football I have had extreme difficulty breathing through my nose. Not much blood came out at the time, in fact there was hardly any but a bit after when I went swimming a whole heap of blood came out my nose once water got inside, it took a few minutes to stop but after that I was able to breathe clearly though my nose and it felt unblocked for a while before returning to its blocked state. This has happened a few times when a heap of blood will come out one nostril or both and then I would be able to breathe clearly through whatever nostril the blood came out of for about a day at most before it became blocked again. This has become an extreme annoyance to me because I get out of breath just from doing simple things such as speaking and eating and I am running out breath a lot faster than I should be playing sports like football because I am unable to breathe through my nose. I just want to know what is wrong and what I should do as soon as possible as now I am struggling to smell things as well.