... one week after delivery I was diagnosed with an uterine infection, therefore I was forced to stop breastfeeding and had to start feeding my baby formula because of the antibiotics. 5 weeks later and after multiple hospitaizations I can now breastfeed again, which I am soo happy about, but even thou I pumped n dumped as much as I possibly could and still have my milk supply, it seems as if im not producing enough for my baby. I can give her about 2-3 good feedings a day, usually in the morning, however after that she just never seems satisfied. she wants more, so im either not producing enough or my milks not fuflilling her needs. I still pump as much as I can when shes not breastfeeding but my supply doesnt seem to be changing. im not ready to give up yet, especially since my baby girl has ALOT of problems with formula. and I still have my heart set on breastfeeding. so if u have any ideas or can offer any help that would be wonderful. thank you