... with Oxycodone for breakthrough and since FDA changed the OxyContin formula, while I agree a good idea to stop abuse, but I am not tolerating this new OxyContin OP. I have heard so many complaints and know for my own experience, this new formulation does not work and I am having more pain than ever. Since no cure for me, pain relief and Chemo is all I have left and can tell you at times my thoughts are not too good. I have told my Oncologist about this and not sure about next step, my first question I posted I rec'd a very nice answer, not sure yet how all this works yet, but the answer and caring nature of response helped, but to raise my mg of OxyContin, on 80 now, I just don't think that's the answer. They also said had heard the new OPs has 80% effective as the OC. I can tell it doesn't. I don't want to raise my Meds to where my options run out when at the end, so what do I do? I am very angry that because of drug abuse, I have to suffer! Where r my rights? Is this drug, the 80mg OP even safe for me? My side effects on it are bad, did not have this prior with OC and just want someone to guide me in the right direction. I am supposed to let the FDA know of side effects, but gathering all my information as to what this change has already done to me. I am Blessed to be alive and hate to even complain, but all I'm hearing about this change, well I just wonder why to stop drug abuse the FDA And our Government spent this money that will not change a drug abuser, in my opinion, they have to help themselves first, that money could have been spent to find a CURE for ME! Sorry don't want to upset anyone and God Knows what I have been thru these last few years and this awful desease. Thank you in advance for any help and answers and may God Bless us All