I had a bilateral mastectomy back in 2006 followed by lattisumus dorsal transfer reconstruction-I have been on Femara for the past 5 years-I was wondering if anyone else has experienced chronic pain in neck/shoulders/hip not to mention the tingling/numbin feeling down the inside of arm. I am very blessed to have the health I do and hate to complain, especially when doctors tell me-well you had cancer/surgery over 5 years ago-is that to insuiate that there should be no pain-then on top of everything else I had my ovaries removed and had vaginal mesh sling which is not presenting problems in abdomen-Does anyone know of clinical information that I could print and present to doctors-Or should I try talking to my onocolgist to begin with-I feel like he will look at me in awe due to all the patients he has treated have not been as blessed as myself and then not all patients will suffer the same symptoms as others