... I'm back to being in some pretty intense pain. My Dr. has presribed tramadol for some time now, I've just never really taken it... I would take it once or twice, not notice any relief and just not take it. I've read so much bad stuff about it lately, that while I'm thinking I'm kind of scared of tramadol, I'm a lot more scared if this pain running my life!
If I take the tramadol as directed, does it take a little time to start being effective? The source of the pain is fractures. A few lumbar spine fracures, thoracic spine fractures, and my sternum is broken in half, horizontally... so at times the sternal plates kind of rub against each other like tectonic plates or something... also lost my let several years ago, and the non-affected legs hip gives me horrible pain if I stand for any length of time. I had two surgeries for the sternum, first a plate, then wires. The wires failed as I was doing physical therapy for a prosthetic leg, so that ended the leg part, and I'm fairly sure the extra strain on the other hip is what causes the pain I have there. My Dr. doesn't want to change my pain meds at this time... she's not aware I haven't been taking the tramadol. Should I give it a try?
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