... took the first pill of the fifth month at 6pm (On schedule, we did not use a condom). I also got food poisoning that night, and my body has been fighting it for the last two weeks. Its been two weeks today and last night I had some breakthrough bleeding, but it only lasted a couple hours, and was a brownish discharge, with some red too. I also took my pill the day before my breakthrough bleeding two hours later than normal, at 8:30. I have taken every single pill at between 6 and 6:30(I have an alarm on my phone). Is pregnancy a possibility? Or could this be cause by stress? Ive taken two Clear Blue tests that both came up as negative, and I went to go see my doctor and he said i should be fine, but he ordered a urine test for my own reassurance. Should I be worried? Any responses ASAP would be SO helpful!!