I thought I understood how my birth control pills were working in my body. Obviously I still don't fully understand. I'm just looking for more info on how the pill works, not personal advice. I'm not freaking out or anything.

I'm 19 and just started Ortho Tri Cyclen. I ignored the Day 1 start and began the pack the Sunday before I would usually expect my period. Problem is I was never regular. Closest I've gotten is a 5-ish week cycle as opposed to 4. Now I'm only a week in and was told that spotting was normal within the first couple months you begin. Today I started getting some pretty moderate level bleeding which is looking similar to my period, but I'm not sure if the pills suppressed it (giving me an extra week before my period before I got it) or this is some other type of bleeding that is unrelated to my "normal" cycle schedule. I was told that periods on the pill aren't really technical menstrual periods. The picture I have in my head is that my body was bicycling forward the normal way and the pills came in and shoved an iron bar in the wheels, so starting pills when a period was coming up soon caused the an overflow in forward momentum, meaning an abrupt change that couldn't be counter-balanced quick enough. Sorry if that doesn't make sense, but it's not fitting in with what I was told about how bc pills are supposed to work.

Not a big deal, because I'm waiting it out and continuing my pills as directed. Just wondering what the hell is going on in there!