I just started birth control. I am on ortho try cyclen for two months, now. This is my second month. I had my period or break through (idk which it was) during March 1st - March 7th.
I had my period on February 2nd - 5th last month. During March 1st-March 7th is when I take my placebo pills. It usually comes out with the color of brown at first. let me be specific. March 1 - brown discharge --> March 2 --> wiped with blood but it won't actually go drop in the toilet. March 3 --> Heavy, much Heavier at night. --> March 4th --> Heavier. March 5th --> Normal flow when waking up in the morning then slightly back to light during night time. March 6th --> Back to wiped blood but it won't actually drop . March 7th --> same thing but ended at night. I'm just wondering, was that my period or break through bleeding? I won't have my period again this month right? Because I am seeing my husband who is in the military on March 23ed and he's only staying for three days. I really want to have sex with him and spend time with him as much as I can before he leaves to Iraq. Oh and I am only taking this pill because of my irregular periods. If I get pregnant with my husband, I wouldn't mind. Please answer this asap. Anyone. I would gladly highly appreciate it. Thank you.