Hi, Im new here and this is the reason why. My step father is very ill and has been for quite some time. He's not long for this world, and is obviously on many medications. He has COPD, severe rheumatiod arthritis, a busted hip from years ago, and the list goes on. My main question is this: he currently takes oxycontin 60mg for pain management and 5-10mg percocet every 6hrs for breakthru pain. Some days are better than others and thats where the question lies. My dad tells me his doctor said he can break his oxycontin in half if he dosen't need the full dose somedays to save money since his insurance is poor and now so is he since all his money goes towards healthcare. I remember when I was an EMT some years ago, people dies by breaking and swallowing these things. I guess since the whole format/formula for this tablet was changed not too long ago, its ok to do this now and not DIE from rapid ingestion of too much narcotics. Can a healthcare professional answer my question. I'm afraid to call a pharmacy on account of sounding like a crackhead or something, but I am worried my dad will kill himself this way