Hi, in May I had one of the worst panic attacks I ever experienced while driving with my kids in the car. Racing heart,sweats, closing up throat, etc. My doctor perscribed zoloft at first and I had an adverse drug reaction, so he then perscribed citalopram with lorazapam as needed. I am very sensitive to medication so was told to cut 10 mg in half and half the now 5mg in half so first week would be 2.5 mg and i would then move up. I am on 5 mg for a week now, and today was driving with my kids and started to get anxious, racing heart and that "panic" feeling. Now it did not manifest into full blown attack, thank God, and i was able to count slowly, focus elsewhere, and get rid of it. So my question is I am very frusturated at this point and want to be back to my old self when it comes to driving and such, with todays panic episode is that a sign the citalopram is working since it wasnt so intense? how long before my panic attacks lessen and lessen?? i also start therapy tomorrow.