My boyfriend of 3 years is in rehab for the next few months or so. . We used to live together and now I moved out into my own unit.

I love him and wish things could work out but I doubt he will love me when he is sober. Or that he will stay sober. I want to break up with him. I can call him twice a week for ten minutes but he is in a phone room with no privacy and he also sneaks calls to me.

How do I break up with him while he is in rehab when half of me doesn't want to but my brain says it's no going to work out as the last time he came out of rehab he stopped loving me. Now he says that was because of the drugs but I know that's bull.

I just want to be free and if it's meant to be he can peruse me once he is out. How do I tell him that? He will be angry that I may start dating other guys but I'm 25 and my clock is ticking so I can't put myself on the shelf for a maybe..