How do I get Brand name Wellbutrin SR?
I've been on Buproprion for 10 years. The pharmacy changed the generic company on me 2 weeks ago from Solco 200mg SR brand to Sandoz 200 mg SR. About a week ago I became so depressed I have been miserable. Crying all the time, tired, irritable to the point I've felt rage, full on depression like the old days before WB. Has anyone else had experience with these two brands? The filler looks totally different with the Sandoz so wondering if I'm just not getting the medication because the filler is not allowing my body to absorb it? I could not figure out what was going on since depression came on so full on. Then looked at current presc. label and figured out the brand name had been changed. I'm calling pharmacy today to complain (Walgreens). So mad they could just change brand name with no warning... I should be more careful in the future I guess. :(