Has anyone heard of this new technology? If so, does it help curb cravings? I am going to start this treatment next week and I'm hoping it will help with cravings for my opiate addiction along with suboxone replacement therapy. I am also going to be going in a out-patient program and 2 appts per week with an addictionologist. Today, I go for my Dr's appt in hopes to start a suboxone program. Any advice for me as for as my first Dr.'s appt? I don't want to do anything to keep the Dr. from prescribing suboxone for me yet I feel I have to be completely honest. I suffer from anxiety and panic disorder and have heard that suboxone does increase anxiety. Do you know of anything the Dr. can prescribe that is safe to use along w/suboxone for anxiety disorders? Any help is so appreciated! Hopeful! Thanks in advance for helping me out. GiGi