I have been taking Ultram for 10 months now.. And I never really went a day without it. Then I went on vacation and had no need for it (I take it for my back at work), but after the first day I was experiencing crazy zaps in my head and random parts of my body. I was scared to take my medication again, but scared NOT to. I can't function with brain zaps like this at work or school. I asked my doc to taper me off, but now that it's down to 2 pills a day (starting from 8), the brain zaps present themselves about 6 hours after taking one pill. I can't stand them! And I have no idea how long this will last. I have read similiar stories, but no answers. Should I stay on 2 pills for a while or increase to 3 for a few weeks? Am I tapering too fast (down by one pill each week)? No idea what to do. Any advice would be great.