I have been taking Singular for about 12-15 years and have ADHD, depression, anxiety, possible frontal-temporal lobe dementia and have had chronic sinus problems (5 surgeries for removal of polyps) and asthma. (Sound like a real hypochondriac). I saw a question on your site mentioning possible psychiatric side effects of Singular. I was looking up the appearance of my generic Singular which looks almost identical to my generic Aricept. Yikes!! Don't want to OD or UD on either. Should I be asking my doctors about stopping the Singular? My allergies, sinus issues and asthma are under control (I use Nasacort AQ 2x/day and Advair 100/50 for many years as well as Xyzal PRN). I also received allergy shots for 10 years which have also helped. I am very concerned about mental health effects of the Singular as this may have contributed to all of my mental health issues. I had to stop working in October due to stress and anxiety. HELP!!! Thank you for any advise you have to offer.
Additional health HX info: I've had MRIs, neuropsych testing, etc. and am also a breast cancer survivor (no chemo) and had a hysterectomy, oophrectomy and am the parent of two healthy adult daughters ages 24 and 27 by C-section) . I usually think of myself as healthy and active but my history tells a different story. BTW I am 56 years old.