... don't know ANYONE with this like me so seeing this support group gives me so much hope!!! My brain damage affected my memory so I may have trouble getting my wording right but- I have the kind that makes your eyes go up, head back, back muscles ripping in two directions and my hands come up all crazy like. I'm in a lot of pain at times but I feel like that's mostly bc of being in bed during and directly after attacks. Since y'all are familiar w this too (praise The Lord I found y'all, and I pray we find a cure!) what's the best thing for it? I've done lots of pain meds but those aren't for me. I get too tired and lose even more life. I'm re starting physical therapy and excited bout that! They are trying me on keppra (sp?) and they've tried several muscle relaxers but everything I've tried has had just too much of an effect on me or made me sick (lots of times both) What new types of therapies are working for everyone?? I'm in a real small community with no specialists and have faced this with my incredible family doctor. She's incredible but I'm sure she would be glad I found this place and love hearing what y'all are doing to get better. I really feel that God will heal us so don't lose faith y'all!!! I know that there are better days ahead for us. Thank you for listening to me rambling and I definitely can't wait to hear all the things y'all are doing to conquer this monster!!! LOVE AND PRAYERS TO ALL!!! -Arin Jo in AL