... prescribed theophylline anhydrous. Since this is a rather strong medication, the dosage is individualized for Brad based on his body weight and age.
Brad is 15 years old and weighs 121 pounds. The recommended dosage for ages 12-16 years is 18mg/kg/day. The prescription is as follows: 18mg/kg/day not to exceed 900 mg/day for 30 days.
Theophylline is available in 125mg capsule form.
1. How many mg of theophylline would Brad receive based on 18mg/kg/day?
2. How many capsules will Brad take per day?
3. How many capsules per dose?
4. How many capsules to fill the whole prescription?
Write 1-2 paragraphs detailing how you worked out the problem outline any difficulties you had finding the answers. Do you feel capsules will allow the patient to receive the correct dose in this particular case?