My BP had been in the 176/107 range for 3-4 days. My doc has hit it aggressively with Bystolic 20mg daily, Edarbyclor 40/25mg daily, Mynoxidil 10mg 2xday, and Amolodipine 10mg daily. Had larthargic, sluggish, and depressed for six weeks now. Now I am averaging in the 126/66 range. I scaled back on my own last week with the Bystolic 10mg/day, and the Minoxidil 10mg just once a day. I am taking all of the medications at bedtime now except for the Amolodipine, which I take in the morning. My BP is still in a good range. I am feeling better during the day but am having insomnia some nights. That combined with having a dry cough and also needing to get up to use the restroom in the middle of the night has made this situation a chore. Is it alright to take a PM pain-reliever to help me sleep? I will be following up with my physician soon to let him know that I will not be able to tolerate the situation. Any suggestions on which drugs’ dosage might be reduced to make this more managble?