My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on June 2nd. He ejaculate outside and I took plan B one step about 12 hours later. i had experienced breast pain and tiredness. After 6 days, which is June 8, i start bleeding, its seem like my normal period. Before I receive it, my back was hurt. The bleeding last for 3 days. Is it my normal period or just a side effects of plan B. On July 3, i had anal intercourse and he fingering me, but i just don't know if his fingers had precum or not because he did touch his penis. But when we had anal intercourse, he just pushed it inside me about 3 or 4 times and i said its was hurt and then we stop, and start the fingering part that i list above. After 43 hours later i took plan B one step. Will I get pregnant ? Will I receive my normal period? And my period it start not often. If the one i got after taking plan B for the first time is my period so i got it early for few days. Please help! I'm stress out a lot. Hope to see your reply soon :(