Heres whats going on. for years now ive been suffering low back pain this past year it has gotten extremely worse, went to doc they say i have lumbar stenosis of the spine with radiculopathy not even sure what that means and on top of it ive been passing out one doc said narcolepsy now they say could be my spine on top of it need to see a onocologist for a tumor in my back. so i suffer from extreme pain that raidiates down my legs loss of feeling sometimes in my feet sometimes loss of control of my right leg and severe migranes with episode s of loss of conciousness out of no where passed out one time went face first into the door and broke my nose. they have me only on tramadol with 5mg of hydrocodone a day flexeril and zoloft cause i just might get depressed what really stinks is my boyfriend doesnt seem to care and doesnt even take any of this serious at all he just pretty much ignores me now i dont really understand it . it is pretty depressing want to move out but find myself in a predictment because most days i dont have good range of motion and most of the "friends" i had are nowhere to be seen or heard from anymore , oh wait got a text yesterday it was for money ..I am lonely broke and miserable any suggestions