Me and my boyfriend had protected sex today at 12:30pm. The condom did not break and he pulled out before he came. I saw him pull out and saw him cum but noticed he had sperm on his pelvic area and balls. (Sorry TMI) I was curious to make sure everything was ok so when I wiped with my hand down there I noticed "white stuff" and idk if it was sperm or my discharge. He went and got plan b one step and I took that 30mins-1hour after sex. I went to a period calendar because my last period was Jan 13 this month and my period last 7 days and it is usually 32 days before my next one. And idk if I am ovulatating or not. My question is am I safe from getting pregnant?! I also smoke cigarettes but only once today because idk of cigarettes will make it not work. Please help ASAP!!