For 2 years my boyfriend has been using pills. Started with lortabs for a year then went to perc. 30s. He is trying to quit but wants to do it by slowly stepping down. One question I have is Is it best to quit cold turkey or slowly quit? Is there anything serious that can happen from self detox? If so what? He was taking 2-3 a day but "says" he is taking one a day if that. The days he cant find them or get any he calls me crying upset and talking about walking off the job. Says he cant deal with this. I dont know what to do or say to help show him I stand behind him. What tips or tricks can we do to get his mind off of them? He has takek the first steps into recovery. He admitted he had the problem and I think he is trying to quit. How do you know if they are serious? I mean if he wants to quit so ba why can't he bring himself to cold turkey it?