Usually he takes 80mg methadone a day to survive. On Tuesday he took 120mg because he knew he was getting suboxone the next day. Wednesday he took 4-8mg strips of suboxone (the wrong way by swallowing). Thursday he took 5-8mg strips of suboxone (again the wrong way). Friday he took 3-8mg strips of suboxone. Today is Saturday and he has taken 3-8mg strips (this time the correct way by dissolving). This is his fourth day without taking methadone. He is going to attempt to make it on 2-8mg strips per day for a week and then start going down from there. This being day number 4 with no methadone, should we expect his body to feel any worst than it has? Or should tomorrow be nothing worst than today? We didn't do much research before putting him on the suboxone.