I found out a few months ago my boyfriend of 7months was smoking oxy. He had done it in the past and has admitted to doing them off and on for the last 2yrs. He has since tapered the dose and is now on suboxen and seems to be doing great!! His restlessness is about gone and he can sually sleep through the whole night. He is no longer on edge about every little thing.

However i keep finding myself trying to catch himbecuse he lied about it for so long.. I wonder if he is now snorting it or taking it sme other way but I dont think he is. would the signs be the same? Should I begin to trust him little by little what should I watch for. His mom and I now have control of his money so it is harder for him to get them if he wanted to. He says he has never felt soo good and is glad he has our support. How concerned should I be of relapse and what to watch for.