He developed depression when he was 16 and a half, he is now 20 and not doing well, he's tried many anti-depressants but not only do they not work but they make him incredibly sick. He has severe insomnia sometimes not sleeping for days, he is deathly skinny because he has trouble eating and on top of eating very little he has severe diarrhea and is not getting the nutrition he needs. He sees a psychologist once every three weeks but it's getting him nowhere and costing him a lot of money that we don't have. He has resorted to self medicating with marijuana, which worked for him for a while but he now smokes at least five times a day and has moved on to THC concentrates and has essentially smoked himself sober and it doesn't help him anymore, I'm really not sure what to do he is also occasionally suicidal and I have saved his life at least three times. He also gets violent mood swings where he snaps and yells at me sometimes even throwing things at me. I fear that he is going to turn to harder drugs to treat his depression or starve to death before anyone can help him. Please help.