My boyfriend is currently addicted to pain medication. He currently is prescribed the following: morphine, percs, tramadol, somas, and ambien. He sometimes will purchase vicodin off the street if that is what's available. He takes it for back pain. He does go to a pain clinic and has degenetive disc disease(or whatever it's called) so i know he is in pain but he is not taking his meds as prescribed. He usually if not always runs out before the next prescription. The somas are the worse. He gets his monthly script and is out within a week. He goes into what people tell me "soma comas". His speech is slurred, motor functions are gone. I try talking to him but he just has this blank stare on his face. I'm worried what that is doing to his liver/brain. We have a child together and I don't want to leave him but i don't know what to do? I feel like i'm enabling him.