I am positive my boyfriend has some kind of addiction to pills. Couple weeks ago I found a stash when I was lookin for a hammer in the garage. There was a peice of glass, lighters, shortened straws, tin foil with burn marks, razor blade, his eye glass case with anti depressants, viagra, cialis, and an unmarked yellow pill that looked like viagra, and a bottle of muscle relaxers (flexiril). I confronted him about it and he said it was all old stuff and threw it in the garbage. But when I asked him if he was taking pills he couldn't give me a straight answer and would not look at me in the face. Then later he had to borrow my car to go to the mechanic because his is broke down. I noticed that the next time I drove it I was almost out of gas when I had over a 1/4 tank. He was only oing a very short distance... then I found a razor blade hidden in our bathroom cabinet and a couple more pills in the bedroom (500 mg acetaminaphine and a muscle relaxor) Confronted him and he got mad and said I was treating him like a child and he didn't like me "keeping track" of him. Now since I have come across another kind of muscle relaxer, vicodin (5 tablets that look the same and another one that is a little different) plus an unknown because the imprint was scratched off..it is orange and very small. I am going crazy with all this. Yesterday he came home from work super sick... horrible horrible headache, vomiting, he said he just hurt real bad. I have read text messages (not proud of this at all) and know he meets a couple different guys to get pills. He sent a message looking desperately for something yesterday He only gets a few pills at a time of something they don't specify. Him needing something when he has all these other pills in the house makes me think he is taking something else in addition to these maybe. Another clue is he makes really good money and has little bills plus I pay a couple of them. He always says how broke he is but should not be. I love him to death... we just had a son together and he is amazing. Super supportive of me, helpful, fun, loving, ect... He doesn't act like an addict that I can tell though i am very niave to all this. I am just unsure how to handle this situation if anyone has addvice I would appreciate it! Thank you in advance..