My problem is when I wake up during the night or in the morning. Just the waking up causes me to want to pee and many times, of course, the urge wakes me up. Once I get up to get in my wheelchair, the urgency is so great that I pee on myself before I get in my chair much less to the bathroom. Many times this happens after I take a nap - just shear relaxation of my body seems to be a real culprit. Even with a diaper and overnight pad, I soak them with urine running down my legs. I often wonder where so much urine comes from. So far I've not found a drug that helps. I mainly drink water; however, it seems no matter what I drink there is no change in my waking up urge once I stand up. I am really worried about the side effects of Botox although it has been recommended by my urogynecologist. As long as I do not wait too long during the day, I do fairly well. Leaning over in my wheelchair causes leakage. BUT do I want to chance the problems I might encounter from botox??? I am just worn out from my problem. And the pads and diapers are very irritating which I suppose is from sitting in a wheelchair.