I have been a Chronic migraine sufferer since I was 14. Now more convinced I have cluster headaches. I am on all the usual meds (Topamax, Triptans, Fiorcet) and tons of anti anxiety meds. I just finished a Medrol Steroid pack and while the migraines have decreased in intensity I am still getting them 2-3 times A DAY. This should make me the perfect candidate for botox.

For those of you who have had it, did you really have to fight your doctors to get botox? I feel like no one takes these seriously. I am on short term disability from work because the headaches are so bad and the side effects so terrible I cannot function at work or drive. I feel like my neurologist just wants to put me on more and more drugs and wait it out and see what works despite suffering the side effects.

Did you have to fight for botox as a a treatment and if so, why? Is it an insurance thing? I am trying to find another doctor but they are all booked for months/weeks in advance and chronic migraines dont seem urgent enough for them to ever rush an appointment.

Any advice would help. Thanks!