I had very abnormal cells which i had lazered off. 3 days later I had multiple infections and couldn't empty my bladder properly.
2.5 years later after trying exercises and medications the hospital have offered me Botox.
At the moment I go to pee around 15 times a day and at least twice through the night. I have actually wet myself twice as I've had the urge and not made it in time. It affects my social life, home life and interrupted sleep. It's got to the point I've tried to reduce the intake of fluid to compensate how often I pee but leave myself thirsty.

Would people recommend this to me or not?

The urologist said 10% of people have to self catheterize but didn't give me any more information. I'm booked in for self cath training in a month. Unfortunately the dr didn't take the time to go through anything with me so feeling a little lost as I have a lot of questions