Hi all, I thought I would write about my experience about having the Botox for the first time, the Dr's wanted me to try this for my chronic Migraine. We had tried many other ways to try and get my Migraines under control, without much help. So this Friday I went and I must admit I was uncertain as to if I should really let this doctor inject me 31 times with the Botox, and it took the doctor about an hour of trying to coach me into having the injections. I was mostly scared about having a reaction to the Botox, because lately any new medications I have had, my body has reacted in some way or another and a few times had to be admitted into the hospital. So the doctor, and my husband talked me around. Then the Dr gave me 7 injections into the forehead first, and if anyone says this is nothing to have these injections, don't listen because although the initial jab with the needle doesn't feel like nothing but when the medication is injected in it hurts a lot more then I was expecting. The doctor said she wanted to do the worst ones first, and I thought thank god the other 24 will not be as bad. She left me for about 20 minutes to see if I have any reaction to the first lot of Botox, and I am please to say I was ok to have the rest of them. The other injections were not to bad, and the doctor said the ones that hurt me were because it was the side where I have the Migraines and she said this is a good thing because she is confident she was injecting in the right place to hope give me the relief they are hoping to give me.
She said it would take 4 to 7 days before I feel any difference, and 4 to 6 weeks to get the full affect of the Botox. 2 days later I am still feeling the affects of like muscle ache across both of my shoulders and I still have a bit of swelling above my left eye with some bruising, but it isn't as bad as yesterday. So these injections are going to be every 12 weeks if I have the nerve to go back for the next round, I also wanted to say about the insurance, the doctor's had trouble getting this approved. Infact this was denied last Monday and then the doctor wrote a letter on my behalf, and the decision was overturned on Wednesday and on Friday I had the Botox given to me. I just wanted to say this to other people wanting this done, to not loose hope if it is denied the first time. I don't know what this Dr wrote about me to have such a quick turn around but this might be a idea for others to ask there Dr to do if it is denied in the same way for others. I am hoping this will help others with me writing this and hope going through this will help me and anyone else with there pain. Take care everyone, Liz.