I read a review of one of your members who did not have a good experience with Botox treatment for her/his migraines. I wanted to be able to share my own experience with Botox with this person in an effort to help him/her, as it was a similar experience. I think I can help and am hoping someone can tell me how to relay a message directly to this member. I am a lifelong sufferer of chronic, often severe, migraines. So please be assured I am not representing any "for profit" entity, or otherwise. I simply want to tell this person my story in an effort to help. This persons user name is "Vomiecuz" and he/she posted a review on your site on 2/17/14. Can anyone help me get a message to this person? I tried to post my own review directed to Vomiecuz, but was not allowed enough character space to complete it and was cut off in the middle of my review.