Today My Dr. gave me some samples of brintellix. I suffer from Major Depressive Disorder. have for about 20 years... I have been on almost every anti-depressant there is... I have been on Celexa 40 mg for about 3 years now... it worked fine, but now I do not feel it is effective anymore and have been having crushing depression problems... My Dr. told me to start off on the 5 mg. tab, once daily for 2 weeks..then up it to 10 mg daily thereafter... after reading all of the reviews , well I can say that this drug sounds like a big dose of fresh hell!!! I am already 15 lbs over weight, which I have been working hard to lose and if it will make me gain more. .well that's not happening. I am confused as to how some people gain weight when they are throwing up everyday that they take this stuff... So... Please advise friends... should I give this medication a try... or should I run like hell from it! The cost of the drug is no option but if it makes me more bat crap crazy than I already feel I would rather spend the $$$ at Sachs or Nordstrom's ! Thanks so much!